Derren Brown, etc

1. Article about Derren Brown 2. Aventis Science Book Prize 3. Rattleback Obsession 4. Enigma in Australia 5. Cryptogram Competition 6. Competition Winners 1. Article about Derren Brown I wrote a major article about Derren Brown for the Daily Telegraph […]

Five More Numbers

1. Another Five Numbers 2. Prime Numbers 3. Untold Story of Arne Beurling 4. Volcanic Smoke Rings 5. Dave Gorman’s Googlewhack Adventure 6. Cryptogram Competition 7. Fermat Trivia Quiz 8. Competition Winners 9. New Search Engine on the Site 1. […]

Jokes and the Enigma Project for Schools

1. Joke Competition 2. Enigma Project for Schools 3. Mind Games on BBC4 this week 4. Crypto Titbit 5. Cryptogram 6. World’s greatest card trick 7. Which singer is in the PRESBYTERIANS? 1. Joke Competition I have trawled through all […]

Upcoming TV and Radio

1. Upcoming TV and radio broadcasts 2. Christmas offer – free Crypto CD-ROM 3. Bristol Lecture 4. Great Science and Mathematics Books 5. Last month’s challenge & Joke Competition 6. Cryptogram 1. Upcoming TV and radio broadcasts It’s been a […]

Oops! … & The Code Book on CD-ROM now available

1. The CD-ROM is now available 2. My favourite mathematics joke at the moment 3. The on-line shop is now open 4. Lectures, Theatre of Science, radio broadcasts 5. New Stuff (Advice for writers, Cartoons) 6. This month’s challenge 7. […]

The Black Chamber is open

1. The Black Chamber is open 2. London lecture and Theatre of Science 3. New Content – Turing Memorial, Cryptograms… 4. Prize Competition – Which actor should play Fermat? 1. The Black Chamber is open For a few months I […]

New website & Theatre of Science goes to Edinburgh

1. is up and running 2. Theatre of Science in Edinburgh and London 3. Win a crypto CD-ROM 4. Second-hand crypto books for sale 1. is up and running Apologies for the huge delay in sending out this […]

“Simon on Stage”

Hello Everyone, Sorry for the delay in sending out this newsletter, but it has been a ridiculously busy start to 2002, as I am currently embarking on a whole range of new projects that will come to fruition later this […]

“Mathematics Teachers”

There is nothing much to report in terms of new projects, but I am currently working on a couple of things that I will be ready to announce early in the New Year. This includes a major relaunch of my […]

‘Simon’s Radio 4 series The Serendipity of Science starts this week’

Having had a website for over a year, I have at last decided to start emailing the people on my mailing list. This will be the first of a regular newsletter covering my latest projects, and I suspect that […]