David Bodanis

In 1905, Albert Einstein presented us with E=mc2, one of the deepest insights into the nature of the universe. However, for the last twenty years it has infuriated me that the vast majority of the population still have no appreciation of its significance. Whether this is the fault of scientists, the public or the media is debatable, but at least David Bodanis is trying his best to change the situation.

In E=mc2, he attempts to explain to the general public (and to Cameron Diaz in particular) the meaning, beauty and implications of the most famous equation in physics. This is not the most profound science book of the year, but it does make one of the most important concepts in physics accessible to everybody. Writing for the layperson is an order of magnitude tougher than than writing for those who are already scientifically literate, yet Bodanis succeeds thanks to his clarity, wit and enthusiasm.