Trick or Treatment? – Reviews

Daily Mail “A definitive – if controversial – guide to what works, and what doesn’t. It makes indispensable, if sometimes alarming, reading.”

Sunday Times “Fearless, intelligent and remorselessly rational, the authors exemplify the same Enlightenment spirit of criticism that animated The Lancet in its early days.”

Nature Trick or Treatment? is thoroughly researched and clearly written. Historical descriptions sit beside detailed and lucid evaluations of the research evidence.”

Breast Cancer Care News “Its up to date scientific evidence provides a good reference point for anyone thinking of spending money on alternative treatments.”

HealthWatch “This book is good; very good. It is well researched and written in a most readable style.”

Washington Post “Trick or Treatment? by Simon Singh and Edzard Ernst offers fascinating and clearly presented information.”

New England Journal of Medicine “The writing is clear and vivid, and the historical anecdotes provide a valuable perspective on the subject. This nook meets the need for a current, evidence-based survey of alternative therapies to balance the widespread misinformation about them. Physicians should recommend the book to their patients, and it will help health practitioners provide patients with sound advice.”