It has been great to hear from and write back to listeners, readers and viewers, and I used to be able to respond to every email. However, the number of emails is now so high that I am unable to find the time to answer all of them. I am genuinely sorry. I will still read every email, and I will try to answer the majority of them, but I can no longer guarantee that you will get a response. I hope you understand.

You might find that your question can be answered somewhere within the site, so I would encourage you to explore the site before emailing me. There is a search option in the right hand menu of this page.

If all else fails, then please feel free to e-mail me using the contact form below.

Please note that I have neither the time nor the expertise to crack coded messages and I cannot comment on any new cryptographic systems or methods for cracking RSA or proofs of Fermat’s Last Theorem. Similarly, if you have your own model of cosmology or an explanation of how some alternative therapy might work, then you should not email me, but perhaps an academic journal or a researcher.

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