CD-ROM Screen Size

Some users lose part of the screen off the edges of their monitor. This page explains how to fix the problem.

Screen size is wrong when using the CD-ROM

What: You are only seeing a portion of the full screen – some parts are lost off the edge of the display.

How: Follow these step-by-step instructions:

The Code Book on CD-ROM is designed to run in 800 by 600 pixels resolution or higher. If your PC is set up to run at 640 by 480 then you will not be able to see the complete pages on the CD-ROM. To change your settings to a higher resolution select “Settings” from the Start Menu, then select “Control Panel”, then “Display”. Then click the “Settings” tab. Then drag the Screen resolution to at least 800 by 600 pixels and select 16 bit or 32 bit colour quality.

If this does not sort out your problem then please email Nick Mee, the CD-ROM designer, at