CD-Rom Video Problems

Some computers will not play the CD-ROM video content. This page explains how to fix the problem.

Video clips aren’t working

What: Some computers will not play the video clips from the CD-ROM.

Why: The computer does not have the instructions for decoding this type of clip. The instructions must be downloaded.

How: Follow these step-by-step instructions:

To run the video clips you need to have the Indeo Video 5.1 CODEC software on your PC. This software has been available free with Windows up until the very latest version of Windows XP. So the video clips should run without any problem on 90% of PCs. However, if the video clips do not run and you think that you do not have this software on your PC then there are various options.

  1. You could view the video clips on another PC, as most PCs have the appropriate software. To race through the video clips, go the index page and visit those pages marked with (V).
  2. You can visit the Ligos website, where Indeo Video 5.2 can be bought and downloaded for $14.95. This is a new version, as the old free version 5.1 is no longer available from, but it is not appropriate for Microsoft’s “Vista” or “Windows 7″
  3. You can try and find a free download of Indeo Video 5.1. For example, offers the file indeo511.exe. The size of the file is 364kB, so it will not take long to download. The file is a self-extracting file, which installs the CODEC where it is supposed to be installed. Please note, that it is your responsibility to check the source of any software that you download and we cannot take any responsibility for a any consequences.