Download Help

When downloading The Code Book on CD-ROM for free from the internet, you may need some extra hints and tips. This page contains the most up-to-date advice.

Use the README file

The README file should be your primary guide to downloading The Code Book on CD-ROM. You may wish to print it out.

This Download Help page contains any new information since the date of the latest README file.

Opening the ZIP file

There are many ways to retrieve the files stored inside a ZIP file. This process may be titled “Extract” or “Unzip” or “Unpack”, or a number of other things.

Depending on the way your computer is set up, you may be able to trigger the process simply by double-clicking on the ZIP file. It takes several minutes to extract them, so if you see the contents instantly it means your computer is just showing you what’s inside. You may have to:

  • Find a button labelled unpack, unzip, extract, or something similar
  • Right-click on the ZIP file and choose unpack, unzip or extract
  • Find out how to extract a ZIP archive on your particular computer

If you have not found the solution you require, you can use the Contact page and give details about what the problem seems to be.