Conferences and Seminars

I seem to have picked topics for my work that have had a natural appeal for conference organisers and others. I have spoken at NATO Headquarters in Belgium, to the RSA conference in Singapore and at the Certicom conference in San Jose. I have also worked with companies like Network Associates and organisations such as the Smithsonian, Bletchley Park, Cambridge Alumni and First Tuesday. This has meant that I have lectured to audiences in Las Vegas, India, Australia, Germany and pretty much everywhere else.

Nowadays, I have less time for lecturing and traveling, but please email me if you want to find out if I am available.

The topics I tend to talk about are listed below:

  • Fermat’s Last Theorem
  • Science/Maths and the Media
  • Libel and Libel Reform
  • Skepticism
  • Cryptography – the Science of Secrecy
  • The Enigma Cipher (including Second World War Enigma machine)
  • Probability, Chance, Risk and Gambling
  • Alternative Medicine
  • Big Bang – the history of the universe