Climate change numpties: Simon Singh’s guide for the perplexed

THE GUARDIAN: Having been a fan of Franny Armstrong’s previous film, McLibel, I was keen to see her latest documentary, The Age of Stupid. While Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth was a rather dry and semi-academic look at climate change, The Age of Stupid is an emotional attempt to rally the troops. The fact that it preaches largely to the converted is not necessarily a bad thing if it encourages those who believe in climate change to become more vocal and more active.

But what about those who still do not believe in climate change? Who are they and how can they be persuaded to see sense?

I suspect that climate numpties (numpty (noun): a reckless, absent-minded or unwise person) are far more common than we might think, and they can be found in the most surprising of places.

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